eceonomic justice

Economic Justice

Everyone on Earth has the right to the same basic opportunities and living conditions. While the global economy grows, there will be less and less nature. And 4 out of 5 people on Earth live in extreme poverty.

The constant and almost mechanical pursuit after economical growth involves incalculable ecological problems, global inequality and social erosion. The need to develop alternatives to the prevailing growth paradigm has never been greater. The efforts to rethink the economic development through de-growth has the possibily to create new and better conditions for societies and for a meaningful everyday life.

At NOAH, we are challenging the big companyes and financial institutions influences. We are questioning the neoliberal policies promoted by development banks and international institutions. We oppose trade negotiations focusing on market access and undermines people's needs and environmental concerns. It is only by targeting the struggle against neoliberalism, which is central in the global economic system, that we can put pressure for a systemic change.

We work with social movements around the world that are promoting local communities influence.  We are struggling to address the global inequality in a dynamic, creative and constructive way that can build mouvement and solutions in order to promote global economic justice.

The overall economic thought in the world needs to change.

Popular movements now and in the past shows us that, there is another way forward. We need to challenge the neoliberalism dominance, and to create better conditions for alternatives systems with a sustainable and fair approach.