EU's miljøpolitik Environmental Policies in the EU-Enlargement Process

FoE Danmark and FoE Europe, Conference 13-15 December 2002, Danish Parliament, Conference hall Landstingssalen, Copenhagen.

3. april 2003 · Kl. 10:49 Nyhed

Will the enlargement promote or weaken the possibilities for the candidates and the present members to reach sustainable development? What are the prospects for a fair and environmentally sound agricultural policy in an enlarged EU? What should be done to make sustainable development, learning and democracy building a main goal for the economic support given to the accession countries?

By arranging a conference and eight workshops Friends of the Earth Europe and NOAH, Friends of the Earth Denmark, want to focus on the environmental policies of the EU in the enlargement process. We address the question whether the enlargement is beneficial to the environment or will lead to further deterioration. We also wish to identify which specific actions EU-15 must take before becoming EU-25 in order to avoid environmental deterioration. In addition, we would like to specify actions needed to obtain sustainable development while implementing the accession countries.

As in earlier enlargement rounds, the economic and geopolitical aspects have been the driving forces in the process, leaving little room for environmental concerns. Through this conference Friends of the Earth Europe and NOAH-Friends of the Earth Denmark want to formulate specific actions that should be taken in order to balance economic, social and environmental policies. As part of this objective we call for visionary environmental policies aimed at long-term sustainable development.

Venue 13 December will take place at the Danish Parliament building Christiansborg, at the conference hall 'Landstingsalen', situated in central Copenhagen (See map).

Conference fee: 100 kr. (14 Euro). For students, seniors and unemployed the conference fee is 50 kr.
The fee covers refreshments and lunch during the conference. Registration must take place before
2 December at NOAHs secretariat: noah(a) or phone +45 3536 1212 or using our online registration form.

Workshops 14 & 15 December will take place at Holmen, School of Architects, Copenhagen (See map). Participation in the workshops is free and without previous registration.

Contact persons:
Karima Isert, Karima.isert(a)
Mette Bønneland, Mette(a)
Secretariat phone: +45 3536 1212, or mobile +45 2297 6644.


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